09 October 2022

Daddy Want

My good friend Jim contacted me earlier this evening about something he found for sale on the internet. Jim's a military surplus nut, like me, and when something catches his eye he knows it'll catch mine. And he's right.

After all, who wouldn't go ga-ga over a 32' 1972 Uniflite 721 PBR (that would be US Navy terminology for a Patrol Boat, River) complete with twin 50 caliber M2 machine guns in a bow mount, and another 50 cal and an M60 30 cal in pedestal mounts on the stern deck . For me the deal clenchers are the two (TWO!) AN/VRC-46 VHF radios installed below deck. All for a measly quarter million bucks.

Need more convincing? Just watch the promo video. Make sure the sound is turned up.

Yessir, daddy want!

W8BYH out

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